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Material for Preparation for Exams

Go through this material … Solve everything… If there is something difficult or confusing, clear it before mid-term examinations.

CHAPTER 1 – MCQs w/ Solution

CHAPTER 2,3,4 – MCQs w/ Solution

For dimensional part of Chapter 1 – Go through five year papers – I’ll also discuss that in the class

Other than that there will be revision of Chapter 2 + difficult concepts of 3 & 4 and a discussion about “The Exam Paper Pattern of BIEK-XI Physics & How to solve that Question Paper”

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Preparation Guide for 1st Bi-Monthly

Assalamu ‘alaikum…

Dear students, Read the instructions carefully

Here you can download questions for practice of 1st Bi-Monthly.

Preparatory Material Chap 2 Scalars and Vectors

The file includes the following:

  1. Theory questions from Past Papers
  2. Numerical Problems from Past Papers
  3. Extra Numerical Problems for Complete preparation

I recommend you all that after completing theory and numerical problems you should work hard in extra numerical problems, this will help you to memorize the concept and you will be able to solve these problems anytime throughout the year.

This all material is related to Chapter 2.

For Chapter 1, just prepare the following:

  1. The MCQs Worksheet which was taken as test. (Solution is already uploaded)
  2. Just read the 1st Chap notes and collect the important points only. No need of rattafication now. (*Don’t memorize the definitions of physical, base or derived quantities and etc., just go through it)
  3. Do read the Contribution of Muslim Scientists from the Textbook.

Start your practice now and consult your teacher in case of any confusion.

Best of Luck.