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Solution MCQs (Model Paper 2017)


Solution of MCQs (Model Paper 2017)

  1. isochoric
  2. infinite
  3. Lyman series
  4. low
  5. motional emf
  6. γ-rays
  7. it will melt off if current exceeds considerably from 8A
  8. an electron (since it has less mass)
  9. _{11}Na^{23}
  10. neither from A to B nor from B to A
  11. both plates will store equal charges
  12. of both the ends are equal
  13. BIL
  14. γ
  15. _{92}U^{238}\ into\ _{94}Pu^{239}
  16. make the magnetic field radial and strong
  17. ionization