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Solution of MCQs (only) from Govt. Colleges Preliminary Examination Papers

Answer of MCQs from Govt. College’s Prelim Papers

Everyone must match his/her answers with these solutions and can ask if find anything confusing.

Solution XI PC Girls

Solution Govt Degree Girls Bufferzone PDF

Solution Govt Sir Syed Girls College PDF

Solution Govt Dehli PDF

Solution Govt. DJ College

Solution Govt. St. Lawrence Girls Degree College

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Model Paper MCQs Solution

  1. A_y=Acos\theta
  2. cannot be replaced by a single equivalent force
  3. less force is needed by the user
  4. remain in the spacecraft
  5. the height and the time of fall
  6. the total K.E after impact is   mv^2
  7. The total energy of the ball is constant throughtout the motion
  8. Polarization
  9. The limiting friction is less than the required centripetal force
  10. Longitudinal and Stationary
  11. Wavelength of sound is greater than that of light waves
  12. The amplitude of oscillations gradually decreases
  13. produce the state of stable equilibrium
  14. a monochromatic source of red light be used
  15. very short focal length and converging properties
  16. has a definite quality
  17. it is constant but not zero